Quiz 1- 4P's and Social Media
  1. Social Media-  any web based or mobile media technology that connects people in a way that enables two way communication
  2. Traditional Media- has a one-way flow of information
  3. Blog- one person regularly posts commentary, descriptions or other content and an audience can comment on it
  4. Social Networks websites that link people or organizations into communities based on common interest
  5. Crowd Sourcing-thousands of people each contribute a small amount of work or knowledge
  6. Content Communities- communities around specific types of media content
  7. Reviews and Opinions- Allow users to share reviews of products or services
  8. Entertainment- Online games that allow participants to create profiles, interact with one another
  9. E- Marketing-Marketing principles and techniques via electronic media and more specifically the Internet
  10. Talk value or buzz worthy- Content that is interesting enough for people to share