The Future Educators Association (FEA) is a club designed to encourage high school students who may be interested in a career in teaching to explore the field of education before they enter college. Club activities are geared toward allowing members to interact directly with teachers and their students on a regular basis in order to garner a wide range of experiences. Involvement in the education process is the single most valuable activity in which club members can participate. It allows them to begin formulating opinions and a philosophy of education before they even enter a college program.

Meetings will be held on the last Wednesday of each month in room 118.  Months where a half day falls on the last Wednesday of the month, a new meeting date will be announced.

Teacher Shadowing takes place on the following dates:

October 21st
November 17th
December 21st
January 22nd
February 17th
March 15th (may change due to PARCC)
April 11th
June 2nd

Remember, teacher shadowing is a privilege and you must abide by the rules posted outside room 118 (that have been discussed at meetings) and you must attend all meetings to participate.  If you miss a meeting without a valid excuse, you may not shadow the following month.