Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC)



Home Instruction Plan: 
Students are not completing their assignments so I wanted to share some helpful tips in case they are having issues accessing their assignments.

1) Make sure the student is signed into his/her STUDENT Google Account, not their personal google account.  The school account is the student number @; example

2) Once they are properly signed in to Google, they should be able to access their classrooms by clicking the "Waffle" or checker-board at the top right of the screen.

3) Once they are in the classroom, they can click on their assignments to edit and turn them in. Make sure you click on "Open in Google Docs" after you open each worksheet in the assignment.  You will then be able to edit and add your answers.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS, the students can send me their answers in email or an email attachment.  Make sure the email SUBJECT is referring to each lesson! Send assignments to

This was all covered and tested for my classes in the last few days of school but in case they have forgotten, Here are links that may help you:

Google Classroom

How to use Google Classroom for assignments


16 MAR (JROTC T-Shirt or Class B)

7 APRIL(8th Period), GYM


JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge (JCLC) - 27 JUN - 1 JUL 2020

Every year, JROTC Programs from around the United States conduct and attend JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge camps.  This year, SFC Janet Gibbs ad I have lloked at the possible camps and have selected for our cadets to attend the one being hosted in Fort Devens, Massachusetts. 

During this camp, Cadets will interact with others from around the US.  They will participate in Physical Training, Navigation / Map reading, Confidence Courses, Obstacle Courses, Marching, and more.  

The dates of this camp are 27 June - 1 July 2020, I have enclosed an information sheet for you to review.

The cost of the camp is $25; all inclusive; uniforms, meals, transportation, lodging, and training materials, etc.

Please discuss this opportunity with your Student/Cadet, and let us know if he/she would like to attend as soon as possible.

Space is limited to 10 cadets, first-come, first-served.  Payment of $25 for the camp is due b 28 February.   We will accept payment in increments, as long as the total due is received by 28 FEB.

If interested, let us know and I will provide the necessary forms.




RHS will not be attending the Military Ball Tomorrow night, 13 MARCH. 

We are working with the other schools to negotiate rescheduling the event, or receiving refunds.

I will notify you, as soon as possible, of any rescheduling or permanent cancellation.

From Mr. Pae, Principal, RHS:
Good Afternoon,

Our JROTC cadets will not be attending the JROTC Ball tomorrow evening, March 13, 2020.

Although it is a difficult decision, to act on the side of caution and reduce any potential exposure risk of our students/cadets is the top priority.

It is my understanding, that one of the three schools has already cancelled their participation, and the other school is still not able to fully commit to the event.

Also, we are awaiting further direction from the county on restrictions and guidelines which could come this afternoon or tomorrow before the event.

Please inform our cadets and let any other necessary parties know we will not be able to attend.

If possible, we can reschedule for a date later in the year if time permits.


-Todd Pae



23 MARCH - Battalion Staff and Company Leadership Promotion Boards

Cadets interested and eligible for promotion are invited to sign up for promotion boards.

Boards will be held during each class period.

Click HERE to Check Eligibility Requirements before signing up.


12 JUN - 

Color Guard presentation of Colors at Burlington County Education Association Awards event in Westhampton.  Transportation will be provided.