Staff Directory

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Ms. Robin Ehrich, Superintendent
Todd Pae, Principal
Victor Micucci, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Elizabeth Follis, Assistant Principal/Director of Student Activities
Patricia Swenson CST Director

 Business Education



Lea Lauletta
  Dr. Scott Atkinson
Gail Glaberman
  Jennifer Hunter

  Andrew Jacobs


  Greg Ogden
Lauren Downey
  Mat Postell
James Winton
  Dr. Nicholas Zoll
Lauren Veneziani
Emily Ewan
  School Nurse
Alison Varga
  Robyn Lugliesi
Eileen Williamson
  Debbie Gatti




 Physical Education

 Fine & Practical Arts

  Crystal Wasco
Connie Bucci
  Richard Gilmore
Donna Kringler
  Kimberly Kirkpatrick
Ms. Jackie Leone
  Michael Ryan
 Mr. Chris Phillips

Foreign Language



Valerie Franz

Kurt Andress

Maritza Fee
  Joe Durkin
Carmen Plant
  Margaret Garvin
Cherin Szul
  Kathleen Kubak
    Michael Napolosy


Robert Cardie
Guidance Counselor

 Social Studies

Alaine DiLuzio
Guidance Counselor

Marc Ballantyne

Linda Steel
  Allison Braun
Erica Johnson
  Daniel Stellwag


 Special Education

Sgt. Janet Gibbs


Jeffrey Bilinsky

Maj. Sean Combs

  Carmine Cesare
    Terry Croneberger

Media Center

  Brittany Quiring
Claudia West-Grady
  Tara Stellwag
Brittany Bellan

  Dana Ruggieri

Main Office

  Lynn Starke

Nicole Potts

Robert VanSciver

Stephanie Conley

Elizabeth Follis
Assistant Principal
Carla Mead

  Jo Ann Biviano
    Terrencia Smith

Principal's Office


Athletic Office

Todd Pae

  Buddy Micucci
Athletic Director/Assistant Principal

Grace Bisch
Administrative Assistant

  Jennifer VanHee
Athletic Trainer
    Susan Snow
Administrative Assistant