Important Information

Students are to be in homeroom, each class period, and the lunch room when the bell rings!  Lateness will result in a teacher detention, after school detention, or out of school suspension if the lateness becomes chronic.

Food is not to be taken out of the cafeteria.  Please finish your lunch and clean up after yourself while allowing time to get to class on time.

After school, students are expected to gather their belongings, leave the building and school grounds promptly.  Any student staying after school should report to the teacher, club or organization immediately.

All electronic devices are to be stored in your locker during the school day.  Electronic devices that are being used during the school day are a violation of school board policy.  Students will be asked to turn over their device which will be returned to a parent-no exceptions!  The student will receive the appropriate disciplinary consequence for use/display of an electronic device during the school day.