Requirements for Promotion



RHS-JROTC-SAI                                                                                     28 October 2019

MEMORANDUM FOR All Ram Battalion Cadets

SUBJECT: Requirements for Promotion

1.  The Riverside High School JROTC Instructor Staff must approve all appointments, promotions, or reductions, officer or enlisted. The Instructor Staff may appoint, promote, reduce, or reassign any Cadet, at any time, when he or she believes such action is in the best interest of the Cadet Corps and or the individual concerned.

2. Appointments, promotions, or reductions of cadets will be made on Cadet Battalion Orders through the JUMS System. No appointment, promotion, or reduction will occur until approval is obtained from the SAI or AI and orders are published by the Battalion S1.

3.  Cadets selected to serve in one of the 8 key battalion leadership positions (Battalion Commander, Battalion Executive Officer, Battalion Command Sergeant Major, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, Company Commanders and First Sergeants) must agree and be able to serve in that position for the next two consecutive semesters.

4.  The following render a Cadet ineligible for promotion.

A.  Failure to report to be issued a uniform. 

B.  Failure to wear the designated uniform on a mandatory uniform day and failure to make up the missed day within one week more than twice in a single semester. 

C.  Failure to attend a mandatory battalion activity during the current semester, without a valid excuse or prior approval.

D. More than one discipline issue in JROTC or any other classes in a semester.

E. Failure to participate in the most recent past Parade or Civic Support activity unexcused.


5.  The following are the established requirements for promotion to a higher rank:

A.  Must have demonstrated outstanding performance in current rank.

B.  Recommendation by Chain of Command.

C.  Excellent performance, appearance, bearing, and attitude.

D.  Properly demonstrates the Army Values.

E.  Role model to other cadets.

F.  Participated in the most recent Parade or Civic support activity.

F.  C/PV2 through C/SSG:  Must have no less than a 2.0 average in JROTC classes and a passing semester average in all other classes at time of the Promotion.  Higher Cadet GPA contributes significantly to Promotion decisions (i.e., determining who is selected for promotion).

G.  C/SFC and higher: 

1)  Must have an A in JROTC classes and a 3.0 GPA in each of all other classes at time of the Promotion.  Higher Cadet GPA contributes significantly to Promotion decisions (i.e., determining who is selected for promotion).

2)  Knowledge in all areas required of lower ranks.

3) Must have actively practiced and competed / participated in one JROTC Team; JLAB, Raiders, Drill, Color-guard during last two marking periods, and maintain active participation in at least one team for as long as the rank is held.

4) Must not miss more than two consecutive practices and/or events of the JROTC Team they are a participant of.

H.  Private (E-2, C/PV2).

                        1) One marking period as E-1

2)  90% or more on three uniform grades

3)  Recite the Cadet Creed with less than 3 errors

4)  Name the top 3 cadets in the Cadet Chain of Command and their Company Commander

5) Recite the JROTC Mission Statement

I.  Private First Class (E-3, C/PFC)

1)  One marking period as E-2

2) Name the Cadet Chain of Command from platoon through Battalion, including staff S1-S5 positions.

3)  90% or more on two most recent test / quiz grades

4) 85% or more on written ranks test/quiz

5) Demonstrate individual drill skills (stationary and marching)

J.  Corporal (E-4, C/CPL)

1) One Marking Period as E-3

2)  March in a platoon

3)  March a squad successfully

4) 85% or more on written Chain of Command test

5)  Recite the Army Values

K.  Sergeant (E-5, C/SGT)

1)  One marking period as E-4 and have a sophomore status

2)  Be recommended by the Board

3) Complete written assignment including Army Values and an example of each

4)  Demonstrate knowledge of duties of primary staff (BC, XO, CSM, S1-S5)

5)  Successfully March a platoon size element.

L.  Staff Sergeant (E-6, C/SSG)

1)  One marking period as E-5

2)  Be recommended by the Board

3)  Explain the different teams available to battalion

4)  90% or more on Drill Regulation Questions

5)  Explain three current events and their significance

6)  Name the Chain of Command, military and civilian, platoon through Commander-In-Chief.

M.  Sergeant First Class (E-7, C/SFC)

1)  One marking period as E-6

2)  Be recommended by the Board

3) Have all C’s or better with an A in JROTC in Power School at time of the promotion

4) Verbally explain the definition of leadership and give an example

5)  Verbally describe the Winning Colors Model and know their own color

N.  Master Sergeant & First Sergeant (E-8, C/MSG & C/1SG)

1)  One marking period as E-7 and have a junior status

2)  Be recommended by the Board

3)  Have all B’s with an A in JROTC at time of the promotion

O.  Sergeant Major & Command Sergeant Major (E9, C/SGM & C/CSM)

1)  Same as First Sergeant

2)  For selection to serve as the Command Sergeant Major the Cadet agrees to serve in that position for as First Sergeant for two full marking periods

3)  Recommended by the Board


A.  Must meet the requirements of Item G (above).

B.  Approval of the SAI.

C. Recommended by the Board and the Battalion Commander. 

D. Rank/Position is based on potential and previous performance in JROTC, GPA is heavily factored-in as well. 

E.  Must have demonstrated adequate performance in current rank.

F.  Recommended by the Board.

G.  Must maintain an A in JROTC and 3.0 GPA in all other classes (Item G, above) at all times.

            1) Cadet will be placed on probation for first offense.

            2) Cadet will be reduced in rank upon second offense.

H.  Knowledge in all areas required of lower ranks.

I.  Properly lives the Army Values. 

J.  Role model to other cadets and students.

7.  All Ranks are expected and may be tested on the knowledge requirements of the preceding ranks.  

8.  Failure to meet the requirements of any grade will result in reduction, upon review and notification of SAI and AI, to the lowest rank in which the requirements are is met.

9.  Following the first 4 weeks of a school year, Cadet Progress Reports (Appendix B), signed by all teachers is required to be turned in to your JROTC instructor as indicated on the JROTC Master Calendar.

10.  Refer to Appendix A – JROTC Promotion Rubric, What you Must Know or Accomplish to get Promoted for Promotion Performance and Knowledge requirements.

11.  Point of contact for this memorandum is the undersigned via email,


///Original Signed//
MAJOR, Retired
Senior Army Instructor